• Leigh

What to Make for a New Year's Day Breakfast: Tater Tot Bake or Quiche

This is a favorite breakfast bake at my house. The bake, or quiche without a crust, if you prefer that name, is simple to put together, requires ingredients that aren't hard to find or expensive, and is really good. Even breakfast bake haters probably will go for it. What's in it? Well, as the name indicates, tater tots. Yes, those frozen things you find in the freezer case that foodies turn up their noses at but that everyone secretly, or not so secretly, loves. To keep the fat and calories in check for a leaner new year, the bake also includes turkey sausage and low-fat milk. The bake does include plenty of cheese, so it is a filling dish. Although I use mostly cheddar cheese, the bake is the perfect opportunity to gather up all those bits of leftover shredded cheese you have lingering in the refrigerator and include them--a little Mexican blend, a little Italian blend, ooh, there's a smidge of Swiss left in that packet (you get the idea). It's best to assemble the dish the night before you plan to bake it. Then, in the morning, as the oven heats up, put the uncovered dish in the microwave for 5 or 6 minutes to begin the cooking process and warm the dish. Move the bake to the oven, once it's hot, and then cook the bake for about 45 minutes more. You'll have an easy and incredibly good start to your New Year's Day with minimum hassles. Oh, and if you want to dress the bake up, feel free to sprinkle chopped chives or green onions on top before serving it. Sliced tomatoes also work nicely as a garnish.