• Leigh

Need a Sweet Sourdough Treat? Make Orange Marmalade Cakes/Buns With Your Discard

I didn't know quite what to call these simple orange treats--except good! The little cakes or buns are sweet, moist, and full of orange flavor. You can enjoy them for breakfast, with your tea or coffee, or even for dessert, perhaps topped with a puff of whipped cream. You won't need baking powder for these little treats unless your starter/discard is quite weak (in which case, add 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder to the mixture with the flour). The cakes/buns won't rise much, but, not to worry, they'll puff up in the oven. Inside, the cakes/buns will be a little dense--more like a pound cake than a bread--and they'll be swirled with orange marmalade. Why bother with the sourdough starter/discard? It will give the cakes/buns some lift, and it will enhance the flavor of the cakes/buns. The tang of the sourdough complements the citrus flavor and adds a little something extra to the taste of the cakes/buns. Really, the cakes/buns--whatever you call them--are great! Enjoy!