• Leigh

Need a Special Treat? Use Your Discard in Sourdough Bishop's Bread

This is a great treat for the holidays or beyond. Bishop's bread is a sweet bread, almost a cake, and it's full of dates, pecans, chocolate, and maraschino cherries. A version of this bread is what got me through my December graduate school exams (and paper writing) years ago--thanks, many times over, Mom! Not only is the bread great tasting, but it's also incredible comfort food with a cup of coffee or tea. The original version of the bread isn't made with sourdough starter/discard, but this one is. The sourdough keeps the bread--which is quite sweet--from being too cloying and also gives the bread extra flavor. Plus, you get to use up some of your discard. The bread is accommodating, too. If you run out of time during the busy holiday period, just pop the dough in the refrigerator overnight and then let it rise the next day. It will be just fine and even more flavor-packed. Try the bread as a special breakfast treat, with your afternoon tea or coffee, or for dessert--as is, or accompanied by ice cream or a puff of whipped cream. Enjoy!