• Leigh

What to Make With Plantains? A Savory Ground Turkey Casserole

The casserole I'm posting today is a great way to cook plantains that isn't sugary or fried. Although the dish is Dominican-style, the recipe contains quite a few modifications for our tastes. The dish uses fairly inexpensive ingredients and is easier than than making a pan of lasagna. I've relied on ground turkey in this version of the dish rather than ground beef, but, if you'd prefer the beef, go ahead and use 93 percent lean beef to minimize the fat. The plantains, which are cheap, loaded with potassium and other nutrients, and look like giant bananas, should be deep yellow with plenty of black spots on them. You boil and mash the plantains, like potatoes, to form the base of the casserole and then saute some vegetables and ground turkey with warm spices and garlic for an incredibly tasty middle layer. Lime juice, olives, and a bit of tomato paste liven up the turkey mixture. I don't use spicy peppers, but, if you'd like more heat, feel free to add them to the turkey mixture to suit your taste. Finally, a layer of cheddar cheese crowns the top of the dish, which needs about 30 minutes in the oven. I think the casserole goes well with yellow squash and zucchini, which can cook in the oven alongside the casserole, and a fresh green salad.