• Leigh

How to Make a Small Batch of Chocolate Biscotti That Are Great for Gifts and Cookie Plates

Chocolate Biscotti make wonderful Christmas gifts as well as additions to cookie platters. This recipe is one of my favorites, so I'm posting it again. It was the result of my efforts to create biscotti that are low in fat, crunchy but not tooth shattering, include some whole-grain flour, are just a little sweet, and that, of course, deliver dark, delicious, even slightly decadent chocolate taste. In this version, I've included pecans--chopped and toasted until they release their nutty, slightly sweet fragrance. I've also used mini chocolate chips, which make the biscotti easier to slice for the second baking and, just as important, deliver intense chocolate taste in each bite of cookie. I think these little cookies may perfect gifts for readers on you list; the biscotti are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book!