• Leigh

Have Canned Pears? How to Use Them (and your Air Fryer) to Make a Great Inexpensive Dessert

If you have canned pears, breathe easy. You have the makings of a fancy dessert on hand that won't break the bank. Yes, canned pears are canned. That's fine. Often the canned pears are softer, sweeter, and just plain better than the fresh variety that have been parked on trucks and in stores and aren't that fresh. The canned version also are ready to eat, unlike some fresh pears that must be ripened--often for days--before you can use them. This dessert is quite simple. You drain the pears, cook down their juices and syrup to create a caramel sauce, and serve the sauce and pears with little cakes and ice cream. The dessert is sweet, cool, creamy, and incredibly good! What about the little cakes? Well, I use my air fryer to make six little mini cakes (cupcakes, really). The recipe is simple, and the time to make and cook the cakes is minimal. If you'd prefer, you can use store-bought dessert sponge cakes, but, frankly, the air fryer cakes are better and cheaper. If you're pressed for time, you can make everything ahead, which means that, at serving time, all you have to do is heat the caramel sauce in the microwave, assemble the servings, and drizzle on the sauce. In other words, you have a perfect "company dessert"! Enjoy!