• Leigh

Have Too Many Bunnies? Bake Some Bunny Bars

Yes, I have bunnies--lots of bunnies--in my garden. They eat almost everything and are particularly fond of tulips and hostas. Daffodils contain substances that are toxic, so, although the bunny chomped on some of them, Bun Bun subsequently spit the blossoms out. I would have preferred that Bun Bun leave the daffodils completely alone, but, alas, no luck. Because I have significant areas of vegetation in my back garden--that is, lots of trees, wood hyacinths, vinca vines, and bushes--Bun Bun apparently has decided to make its home with me and, probably, to work on raising baby Bun Buns. The baby bunnies are quite cute, but, really, can't they go eat somewhere else? Our neighbor has some nice ferns and azaleas that probably are tasty.

Because I'm irritated with the bunnies, I decided to bake some bunny bars. No, I haven't done in the bunnies. I'm talking symbolism, here. Although if the bunnies eat my Stargazer and Casablanca lilies again this year.... So, instead of catching Bun Bun, I decided it was time to break up the chocolate bunny I'd bought for Easter for my son, who didn't come home to claim it. The chocolate bunny has been sitting, staring at me, on the kitchen counter for weeks now. Yes, I could have just unwrapped the bunny, bitten off the ears, and then devoured the whole thing. But, no, I didn't want a sugar high or to have to do more time on the StairMaster than I already have to do. So, I decided Bunny Bars were in order. Bunny Bars are easy to share.