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The write-ups are short and so are the recipes!  You won't have to scroll far to reach what you're really after--the food. focuses on providing tasty, easy, simple recipes for time-crunched, hungry, frugal, cash-poor people.  Or just about everyone at some point or another. 

No, there's not a lot about me here.  I'm a writer (of books), cook, and normal person, most of the time.  I'll tell you a little about my life in my posts but not much (I'm kind of boring).  After all, the filler is the food, not my life story!  And if, "food is love,"  I hope you are filled to capacity.  And cook to fill others, too!


Where are all the advertisements? 

I hate them, so I'm not including them! I'll figure out how to "monetize" the site/blog later--much later (or maybe never). For now, enjoy the ideas, recipes, and food and please post the links on your social media so others can enjoy the food!

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