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Use Your Air Fryer to Make an Apple Biscuit Pie Cake

So, I needed to use up a couple of apples that were getting tired. The oven was full of things, but my air fryer was sitting quietly on the counter, waiting patiently next to the apples. On the spur of the moment, I decided we needed an air fried apple pie. Nonetheless, I didn't want to hassle with a crust or make a streusel topping. I hauled out a can of biscuits I had lurking in the back of the refrigerator and improvised. The result was a quick but tasty Air Fried Apple Biscuit Pie Cake. No, it isn't gourmet, nor is it very sweet (which is a good thing, if you're watching your sugar!). It is quick, easy, quite good, and even better topped with ice cream and/or drizzled with caramel sauce (which makes it plenty sweet, if you're not watching your sugar). The little pie is great for weeknights, small families, and using up apples that have been lingering on your counter. Plus, if you have any left over, it's good for breakfast. Enjoy!

Use Your Air Fryer to Make an Apple Biscuit Pie Cake
Use Your Air Fryer to Make an Apple Biscuit Pie Cake

Air Fryer Apple Biscuit Pie Cake -- Serves 4

1 can of large (grand or similar) flaky biscuits (4 count or use the 8 count and

reserve 4 biscuits to bake for dinner)

1 large apple or two smallish apples, peeled and sliced or chopped (you choose)

1/4 cup of dark brown sugar, divided

2-3 tablespoons of dried cranberries

1 teaspoon of cinnamon, divided, plus a little extra for sprinkling

1 tablespoon of sugar

Coat a 6- or 7-inch round cake pan with nonstick cooking spray and heat the air fryer for a couple of minutes at 320 degrees. Separate the biscuits and then pull each biscuit apart into three layers. Flatten out each layer a little with your hands. Put half of the layers in the bottom of the prepared pan, arranging them in a circle pattern, and sprinkle on half of the brown sugar, the dried cranberries, and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Spread the apples on top, and sprinkle them with the remaining brown sugar and cinnamon. Place the remaining biscuit layers on top of the apples, overlapping the biscuit layers in a concentric circle pattern. Sprinkle on the sugar and a little more cinnamon, if you'd like. Bake the apple biscuit pie for about 20 minutes or until a deep golden brown. Let the pie cool a little before serving it. You can flip it out on a plate (upside down) and then place another plate on the bottom, flipping it upright, if you'd like, or just serve the dessert out of it's pan with ice cream, whipped cream, or plain.

Use Your Air Fryer to Make an Apple Biscuit Pie Cake
Use Your Air Fryer to Make an Apple Biscuit Pie Cake

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