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Have Discard or Starter to Use? Make Sourdough Orange Bun Puffs

I obviously didn't know what to call these little poufs. They are shaped like an Italian breakfast cookie but are really simple, small, slightly sweet orange buns. They are yeasty with a sourdough tang, and just a hint of orange in them gives them more interest. The buns do have sugar in them, but they aren't super sweet. For me, they are perfect "as is," but you can split them and add a slather of butter and/or marmalade to them if you like. You also can add a handful of raisins or candied citron or pineapple to the dough if you'd like something a little sweeter or more like a "hot-cross bun." I dust the little bun puffs with powdered sugar to dress them up and to give them a tiny bit more sweetness. Try the buns with coffee or tea and you'll be hooked--warm, yeasty, a bit sweet, and soft yet chewy.

Sourdough Orange Bun Puffs

Sourdough Orange Bun Puffs -- Makes 12+

1 cup of starter/discard

1 egg

1/2 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of canola oil

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of whole-wheat flour

In a large bowl, mix the ingredients listed above and let them sit for at least an hour and preferably longer. I usually let the mixture sit for 3-4 hours to let the sourdough taste develop. The mixture will rise if your discard/starter is mature. That's fine (you'll stir it down in the next step). When you're ready, add the following ingredients to the mixture:

1 cup of all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Grated zest of an orange (or 2 clementines)

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar

Mix/knead everything together well, then break off golf-ball sized bits of dough and roll them into balls then oval/torpedo shapes. Place the ovals about two inches apart on a parchment covered/lined baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Sprinkle the buns with half of the confectioners' sugar. Bake the buns for 15-20 minutes or until puffed and golden. Sprinkle the buns with the remaining sugar and let them cool.

Have Discard or Starter to Use? Make Sourdough Orange Bun Puffs

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