• Leigh

Have Discard? Make Sourdough Potato Gnocchi Dumplings in a Cheese Sauce

These little dumplings are easy to make with your sourdough discard, and they are great in soups or with the cheese sauce I'm posting below. The gnocchi are soft and have a slight sourdough tang, making them better than the usual fairly bland gnocchi. The little dumplings really don't take long to mix up thanks to instant mashed potato flakes in the dough. I usually make the gnocchi early in the day when I feed my sourdough starter, then let them sit out on waxed paper until I'm ready to do something with them. The gnocchi won't rise much, so don't worry. If you want to use the gnocchi right away, that's fine, too. I like the gnocchi in a cheese sauce with bacon--sort of like macaroni and cheese, but with gnocchi instead of the macaroni. If you want to serve the dish as a main course, add some ham instead of the bacon for more protein. Either way the gnocchi dumplings are good comfort food. Enjoy!

Have Discard?  Make Sourdough Potato Gnocchi Dumplings