• Leigh

Can You Use Your Air Fryer to Make Christmas Cookies? Yes--and Why You Should!

Your air fryer can turn out incredibly good Christmas cookies--of multiple varieties! Using the air fryer to make Christmas cookies is easy and has advantages over using the "regular" oven. In particular, you can make a small batch of Christmas cookies and stash the remainder of the dough in the refrigerator to bake later. You bake what you need, and the cookies don't get stale. Trust me, eating a three-week old Christmas cookie isn't all that appealing. Eating a warm, freshly baked cookie with melty chocolate inside and toasty nuts is wonderful. And that's what you can have by using your air fryer. Making only a small batch of cookies at a time also limits the temptation to eat too many cookies in one sitting. What if you want to share? You can make a plate of cookies to take to a friend or a neighbor within an hour and deliver fresh warm cookies to them. No, you can't make a huge batch of cookies at one time using your air fryer. With the pandemic heating up again (SIGH!), making a bushel of cookies for a party isn't going to happen here. So, the air fryer is the way to go for me. If you'd like to rev up your air fryer and get started on cookie making, I'll post some recipes in the coming days. Below is an easy recipe that's a favorite at my house. It's not, strictly speaking, a "Christmas cookie," but it's really good with a cup of apple cider, hot cocoa, holiday tea, or coffee. Enjoy!