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Free Advent and Christmas Cookbook

Free Christmas Cookbook

No, I'm not kidding. Yes, you may download a copy of our Advent and Christmas cookbook for free. No charge. It's yours to keep. Forever. It is copyrighted, though, so please keep that in mind. You'll also have to wait for the cookbook. Like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. While you wait, you may follow along in the blog with the readings, reflections on the gospel, and recipes for each day.

Here's the catch (there always is one). We'll put the cookbook out first as a PDF on line, so that all can access it. We'll ask those who are able and willing to make a contribution for downloading the cookbook. But you don't have to contribute. Those who can't afford to contribute or don't want to do so may have the cookbook for free.

Most of the contributions we receive will go to organizations that focus on feeding the hungry, including Helping Children Worldwide ( We also intend to donate a portion of contributions to charities that help provide nutritious meals to the elderly and to students in college who are struggling to eat as well as pay their tuition. Once we make the contributions, we will post on our site the names of the specific organizations that were recipients.

So, for now, please enjoy the postings in the blog, but, stay tuned: there's more to come!

Free Advent and Christmas Cookbook

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