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The write-ups are short and so are the recipes!  You won't have to scroll or jump far to reach what you're really after--the food. focuses on providing nutritious, tasty, easy, simple recipes for time-crunched, hungry, frugal, diabetic, and cash-poor people.  Or just about everyone at some point or another. 

No, there's not a lot about me here.  I'm a writer (of books), cook, and normal person, most of the time.  I'll tell you a little about my life in my posts but not much (I'm kind of boring).  After all, the filler is the food, not my life story!  And if, "food is love,"  I hope you are filled to capacity.  And cook to fill others, too!


Where are all the advertisements? 

I hate them, so I'm not including them! I'll figure out how to "monetize" the site/blog later. For now, posting recipes for good food is my way of sharing.  So enjoy the ideas, recipes, and food and please post the links on your social media (or just tell your friends) so others can enjoy the food!

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