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Would You Like to Share a Recipe? 

submit a recipe

If you'd like to share a special nutritious, low-cost, and tasty dish with us and others, please submit your recipe and a photo of the food.  Tell us about the recipe and why you like it.  Recipes should be original, but they may be inspired by others--your great-grandmother's famous chicken pot pie, your Aunt Evie's orange Christmas cookies, or those great pomegranate-spiked Brussels sprouts you ate at the fancy restaurant downtown, for example.

When submitting a recipe, please be specific about measurements, weights, cooking times, sizes of cans, packages, and pans, and oven and stove settings. 

By submitting a recipe and photograph, you grant us use of the material, without limitations.  We may modify, reproduce, and distribute the material in any medium, manner, and place at any time. 

Please fill out and submit the form below.  Thank you for sharing! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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