• Leigh

What to Make With Leftover Ham? An Easy Kugel Casserole

I'm reposting this recipe--one of my favorites--for those of you looking to use up your leftover ham. A kugel is a comforting casserole dish. Kugels are often sweet, but before cooks added loads of sugar to them, kugels were savory. Kugels originated among the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe and are baked casseroles composed usually of noodles, potatoes, or matzah and eggs and fat. Kugels are traditional at Jewish holidays and events. The kugel I'm offering you today is NOT a Jewish dish. It does include some of the traditional ingredients--egg noodles and cottage cheese--but it's missing the usual butter. Not to worry. The kugel is plenty rich from a generous amount of cheese. So, why add pork, specifically ham to a kugel? The ham adds a smokey flavor to the savory casserole, but, if you'd like, you can substitute turkey ham to avoid the pork. Both are good and will add wonderful flavor to the dish. This version of kugel is quick to prepare and has a short list of ingredients. You can have it in the oven in minutes rather than hours. Definite comfort food!

What to Make With Leftover Ham?  An Easy Kugel Casserole