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Cook Book Progress

January 5, 2018.  I'm almost finished with an initial draft.  I'll put it out soon for you to download, but please understand that what you'll see is a draft.  I have more work to do!  See what you think, and, please, let me know how you like the draft. 


December 23, 2017.  Okay.  I'm going to be late.  I've been searching for PDF editing software and think I've found something that will work.  Unfortunately, figuring it out may take a little time.  So, I will aim for getting the cookbook out as a PDF by Epiphany--January 6. 


October 26, 2017.  I've been searching out and downloading photographs for the cookbook.  Many of the photos are from our travels through the European Christmas markets.  I've also been adding to the food photos.  Meanwhile, back at the blog...I've been adding lots of new dishes. 


September 9, 2017.  It's almost the middle of September, and I'm continuing to work on the cookbook.  I am slowly, very slowly, making progress.  Whether I'll finish by early December is another matter. 


I have plenty of recipes that I've tested and retested, but I'm short on photographs.  Unfortunately, we seemed to have eaten the "test food" without taking photos.  My intention was to take the photos later.  It didn't happen.  I'm trying to add to the photograph collection, but, because we need to eat the food I prepare, it's a slow process.  We can only eat so much.  I have to admit, I've been plying some of my husband's students and co-workers with sweet treats, but even they have their limits.  I've taken meals to folks at church and have photographed some of the dinners, but not all.  I decided that getting people their dinners while the food was warm superseded my need for photos. 

So, I'm continuing to cook, take photos, and edit the cookbook pages. 


Meanwhile, back at the blog, I've been posting recipes and creating new pages with what I believe might be some useful information.  Take a look and see what you think. 

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