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About The Blog

This is a blog related in part to a cookbook project.  We're trying to create a cookbook that focuses on the message of Advent and that provides recipes for great, nutritious, and inexpensive meals that everyone can enjoy during, and beyond, the Christmas season.  In short, we're trying to provide a cookbook that provides nourishment for the soul and the body.

Why create a blog?  Well, the cookbook project is complex, time-consuming, and tougher than we imagined.  So we decided to blog about our work in the hope that you can benefit from it before we complete the cookbook. 

We also need help!  Specifically, we need people who like to eat, try recipes, take pictures of their creations, and share their efforts with others. 

What do we plan do with our cookbook?  We'd like to first put it out as a PDF on line, so that all can access it.  We'll ask those who are able and willing to make a contribution for downloading the cookbook (see the cookbook page).  Those who can't afford to contribute or don't want to do so may have the cookbook for free. 

Will you help us with our project?

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